Getting To The Crystal, London?

Traveling to London?

Getting to London has never been easier! Travel to London by train, Eurostar, ferry, coach, car, or plane.

Travelling from the UK? The Crystal is easy to reach using the UK’s motorway network. Alternatively, travel to London by train - book your tickets online in advance of your departure date to get the best deals.

Travelling from outside the UK? You can reach the Crystal from any of London’s five major airports- London Heathrow, London Stansted, London Gatwick, London Luton & London City. Alternatively, you could travel via Eurostar.

  • Travelling by coach: Try the National Express, Easybus, or Greenline Coaches.
  • Travelling by Train: most airports have dedicated train services running regularly to central London stations.
  • Travelling by Taxi: just flag one down, there will always be one waiting.
  • Travelling by Tube: the authentic way to get around London.

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