Procurement Week 2017 - Why ATTEND?
  • “Congratulations on pulling off another excellent event - Procurement Week (Wales, Cardiff) delivered once again!”.
    Frank Brunetta, Former Canadian Procurement Ombudsman, Canada

  • Procurement Week, Wales, Cardiff - Public Service Innovation
    (From left to right): Caroline Nicholas (UNCITRAL), Michael Wignall (Microsoft), Frank Brunetta (Canadian Ombudsman), Justin Sacks (StartUpPoint), Stephen Clear (ICPS), Colin Cram (Marc1 Ltd), Prof. Dermot Cahill (Chairman, ICPS), & Gary Clifford (Director, ICPS)

  • “I was quite impressed at how the event is growing both in terms of content & Participation. Well Done. Everything about it, the venue, food, presentations, were absolutely first class, my congratulations to you and your team!” Frank Brunetta, Procurement Ombudsman of Canada, Canadian Government


Why Attend?

At Bangor University’s Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies, we are committed to delivering an educational experience that you will not receive anywhere else in the world. An experience that generates ‘real’ value and a 'return on investment' for our sponsors, speakers, and of course our audiences.

Procurement Week is an annual event that is founded on the “think globally, act locally” philosophy. Every year we bring together some of the world’s leading procurement practitioners, lawyers, economists, innovators, strategists and thinkers and challenge them to address important emerging national and international issues.

It is these experts who are at the absolute heart of what we do. It is their knowledge, energy and imagination that allows us to deliver an exhilirating and compelling programme that focusses on our audiences’ business and legal needs. Meanwhile, it is our hard work that ensures participants’ expectations are met and they are left completely satisfied, and stimulated

We invite you to spend a few minutes browsing through the rest of the website to identify the days that interest you most. Delegate places at the conference are limited to ensure the quality of the sessions is optimised for participants, and the opportunity for audience interaction is maximised. Please book your place early to avoid disappointment. - REGISTER HERE.

We look forward to welcoming you to Procurement Week 2017!